Our Journey



The Beginnings

During the Summer of 2016, Devon Whole Foods came to life. Founder, Paul Edworthy, based the business upon his passion of fitness, wellbeing and good health.

A qualified nutritionist, avid runner and regular gym goer with a love for HIIT training, Paul realised that what he was eating made all the difference to how he functioned both in his active and working life.

And so, Devon Whole Foods came to be. Read on to discover our ethos and our ?why?.

Our ?Why?

Why do we do what we do? It?s simple. Health Matters. Not only physically, but mentally. Leading a full life starts with you, your body and your mind.

The ethos behind Devon Whole Foods is based on encouraging health and wellbeing. We want to provide individuals with the right products to fuel their body and mind, as well as promoting the importance of staying active.


Devon Whole Foods is now run by Paul and Sophie Down. As someone who has been involved in health, fitness and wellbeing since her early teens and with a huge passion for running, Sophie joined in January 2018 as she also felt passionate about the important message in Devon Whole Foods? vision.

We continually seek out premium goods that suit each element of an individuals? daily life. From breakfast foods to the right fuel for sports, we have you covered.


We?re here for you. You are the most important part of what we do. The values and ethos as aforementioned are based around making life better by helping you with the foundations of a happy and healthy body and mind.

Our foods are handpicked to provide you with only the best nutrition.

Why? Because Health Matters.

Paul is also a qualified Exeter nutritionist. You can find out more information on Paul’s Nutritional website “Paul Edworthy Nutrition”.